Based out of Union, New Jersey, Peekabooth brings a unique sense of fun and camaraderie to any party or event. Our modern, portable photo booth comes with an open-air design that allows you to have a wide range of backdrops in your photos, from plain old white to gliSTENING honey!

We believe that capturing those special moments is absolutely priceless. your guests will be able to relive their precious memories in the form of high-res digital photos or glossy physical prints. Our high-tech DSLR camera adds a unique high-end aesthetic and production value that no smartphone can compete with.

PEEKABOOTH founders, jennifer & COry are highly-experienced artists with a background in Creative Photography and film. this husband and wife team actively brings a contemporary, minimalist approach to Peekabooth, encouraging photos that are tasteful and timeless, adding a sense of sophistication to that of novelty. We want your guests to have fun, and look good while doing it!

peekabooth is an essential component of any modern party or event. Our dedicated attendants are there to encourage a lively, friendly atmosphere, while keeping the service running smoothly.

Our high-end packages even come complete with Social Media sharing kiosks, meaning that your event will receive additional publicity on Social Media, and your guests can share the Peekabooth experience with their friends and loved ones online.